Patent Application Number: 2007333518
Filing Date: September 11, 2007Priority Date: December 08, 2006
Inventors: Alith Kumar, Glenn Robert Shaffer
Applicants: General Electric Company
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A method for operating a train during a trip along a track segment, the train comprising one or more locomotive consists with each locomotive consist comprising one or more locomotives, the method comprising:

a. determining a location of the train on a track or a time from a beginning of the trip;

b. determining track segment information;

c. storing the track segment information;

d. determining at least one operating condition of at least one of the locomotives; and

e. creating a trip plan responsive to at least one the location of the train, the track segment information, and at least one operating condition to optimize locomotive performance in accordance with one or more operational criteria for the train.

#60Vision For The Future
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Submitted by: Jimmy TiLast updated: over 5 years ago
Title Vision For The Future
Slides from a presentation by Steve Ditmeyer, National Defense University that talks about the future of railroad system. Throughout the slides, it is evident that the model he discussed resembles very closely to the system discussed in the application, with the exception that most sensors in the model are on the track rather than the train.
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#61Integrated Railroad System
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Submitted by: Jimmy TiLast updated: over 5 years ago
Patent/Application # 2003/0236598
Railroad traffic control system that links each locomotive to a control center for communicating data and control signals. Trains have onboard computers, sensors and two-way communication devices, information from sensors are transmitting to the control center and schedule are transmitted to trains. Although the sensor are lacking in variety compared to the application, the whole architecture and concept of a network-centric railroad system are almost identical.
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